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Great sushi for the price. We order in all the time. .The cooked food is also good!


Food is great! It's nice and cheap if you eat there. Delivery takes FOREVER. Seriously, don't order when you're hungry. Order the night before, maybe it'll get there in time.


Fuji Sushi makes my top three with their RED SNAPPER dinner which is surprisingly CHEAP $13$14 Which comes with Salad, Soup, Chili Sauce and Tastes better than the restaurants that charge $25 and up for the same dish. Honestly the fishpreparation or whatever they do tastes better then the more expensive places.


I should say I had one of the best lunch I've ever had. I was invited for a lunch date last Friday and the word "Jap" food made me say yes right away... Jap food are to die for! We went to Fuji Sushi and the place was nice and cozy. It is a place where you can really be yourself, I mean there are Japanese restaurants that are intimidating for me. This place is within my comfort zone... The color of the wall is elegant and the lighting is romantic. I ate a lot of the shrimp tempura and california rolls, these are my faves!!! I love their food and their green apple ice tea was perfect. I can't forget how it taste. Thanks for the sumptuous lunch date..;


Even though there isnt much competition in the area, Fuji Sushi always goes beyond what we expect, Sushi Rolls taste so fresh it feels like they were just caught from the ocean


That must have a very rare experience. Fuji is always clean.


Always order here. Tasty.


Food was delicious, portions were nice size, prices are great. Delivery took a little while longer than expected but I feel like that’s with all sushi places. Definitely will order again.